Ian Ethan Case and Matthew Schoening

  • Amoskeag Studio 250 Commercial Street, Suite 2007 (South Entrance) Manchester United States

Acoustic double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan describes his guitar as “the most effective and intuitive means I’ve found to translate into sound the things I’m hearing in my head.” Ian Ethan’s strikingly-unconventional, self-invented approach to the double-neck guitar is both magical to hear and fascinating to watch. 

Joining Ian will be Matthew Schoening. Matthew plays his electric cello through a complex process of live looping. The looping is used as a compositional tool, as opposed to backing tracks to jam on. Often times it sounds as if there is an entire symphony, and a full band on stage with him. Matthew has appeared on the Hallmark Channel and Entertainment Tonight.

We will be featuring the art of Stephen Southerland in our gallery space.